Grognak the Invincible

Warrior of the Bear Spirits


Grognak is a simple half-orc barbarian hailing from the Grumak Conglomerate to the northwest. Tired of typical life in orcish tribes, Grognak yearns to learn more about human life and culture.

Grognak has harnessed the power and essence of the bear. When raging, his skin becomes tough as nails. His muscles, bulging and ready to help destroy his next victim. Though chaotic in nature, do not mistaken this for evil.

Grognak, like a druid, respects all animal life and protects the “little guys” both in nature and with his friendships. Despite his brutal and chaotic methods, Grognak is still a positive force in the world of Caen.

Grognak will do whatever it takes to keep his friends safe.

Grognak the Invincible

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